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I had a go at various aspects of the writing world - editing, proof reading and reviewing before deciding novels and short stories were my ‘thing’. After studying h a creative writing course, I published a few short stories and entered some competitions, but it was a visit to Israel which inspired my first novel, Two Weeks in the Sun. Like most first efforts, it’s still lying in a drawer but from then on, I couldn’t stop, and The Apothecary’s Gift, published by Whydown Books in 2003 was the result. After that, I travelled back a century and To Thine Own Self, set during the Commonwealth, was published lin 2011 by Troubador. Two vastly different books set in two very different eras. Both can be viewed by clicking on the books link above, and both are obtainable via Amazon. My apologies to Kindle readers - only To Thine Own Self is available as a Kindle book at present. As we all know, promotion is the thing, and I’ve been doing just that! I started with a very successful launch at Stamford Arts Centre, where press publicity attracted plenty of response, not surprising as their famous hotel, ‘The George’ makes a prominent appearance in the book. I followed this with another launch at my local pub (where friends and neighbours literally poured in!) and a signing at Waterstone’s. Although I am a history buff, I concentrated on the near past last year, and produced Pas Des Deux for a Cop, which is now avaialable to download for Kindle at Amazon.  It deals with a confrontation between a New York detective and a Prima Ballerina from Covent Garden!  
NEWS! My short story, It’s all in a name’ written under the pseudonym of Leah Campbell,  was recently Highly Commended in the Winchester Writers’ Conference Shorter Short Story competition.