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The Apothecary’s Gift, where the present meets the past...
Anne Reed, junior partner at a solicitors in London's Gray's Inn Road, regrets not having been born during the Regency period, as described by her favourite author, Jane Austen. After taking some pills purchased from an old fashioned chemist's shop, Anne is transported into the world of Lady Arabella Clyde, whose estranged husband, Sir Andrew, bears a strong resemblance to Andrew Hargreaves, son of the senior partner. Anne learns that she is destined to stay in 1816 for a year, which will only correspond to twelve days in the present time. She finds herself assisting at a difficult birth, discovering the mysterious influence of Lady Arabella's companion, Hortense, witnessing a public hanging and escaping an inflamed mob. As the date approaches for her return to the present, she learns of a tragic secret which enables her to overcome hostility in her past life, and teaches her to love in her present life. Timeslip at its very best.’ Wendy Hughes, Author
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To Thine Own Self - Love leads to self discovery and sacrifice... 1656, Cromwell’s England Two puritan girls in a remote Rutland village form a friendship destined to end in tragedy. Pleasance, shy and inhibited, befriends Molly, whose experience of life and its secrets compensates for her lack of scholarly knowledge. Employed as a servant in the neighbouring cottage, Molly’s understanding of herbs and their healing qualities endears her to the villagers. But Molly is passionate and headstrong, and she embarks on a liaison with a soldier, the consequences of which result in his death and her trial for witchcraft... ‘An excellent researched fascinating account of life in the 17th century... thoroughly recommended for history buffs.’ - Clive Evans, Producer, Nice Pictures  fI found this novel thought provoking. You feel completely involved as the author evokes the raw emotions that Pleasance experiences, and the history is well written, illustrating a true sense of the customs of that time. It inspired me to discover more about Cromwell’s England. Amanda Pratt, - The Protector’s Pen - The Bookstack The Cromwell Associatio
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Pas de Deux for a Cop - United by tragedy, only acceptance of the past could bring relief. Murray Sansoni, tough New York cop, believes himself immune to all human emotion until he meets a woman whose fearful war-time memories he is forced to confront. Believing her world of dance to be frivolous and irrelevant, he ignores the pain his actions will cause her, and the emotional entanglement that will inevitably follow. Available in Kindle format only from
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